Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not-so-formal Black-&-Whites

I do want to post about my most recent online shopping hauls, but I don't have time to take/upload/edit photos recently due to work (my schedule is now 4-6 days a week). So, I decided to post a couple of items I came across when doing some online shopping! Hey, it's still a post about fashion... thus I've fixed the "problem" mentioned in the previous post :P !

I really wanted these items when I was online shopping, but due to the items being out of stock or out of size (ahhah both abbreviate to OOS how convenient), I can't get them :( so I will just keep their photos as admiration / memory hahaha.

The items also turn out to be in black-and-white coincidentally, thus the stupid title of this post :X hehe.

This first one is a military style blazer which I ADORE! I'm so bummed that there's no more of these in stock but if I ever see them in stock anywhere I'll definitely get them *_*!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Last Sunday, I went for my first afternoon tea ever with my boyfriend, little sis, and a good friend at Meloty in Richmond. This post will be a little photo-heavy!

Initially, Kevin wasn't supposed to come along but Cindy instead, as we had bought coupons for afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel (Vancouver Airport location). But due to some complications we had to switch locations and Cindy wasn't able to make it :T so I asked Kevin along since I didn't want him to go out and have lunch by himself.

Upon entering, I was a bit amazed at how big the place was, even though I've seen some photos online. The interior decor was nice (the washrooms were pretty amazing) and they sort of have 2 floors (upper floor was small, with only 4 tables). We were placed on the upper floor since the ground floor was full.