Thursday, July 12, 2012

Not-so-formal Black-&-Whites

I do want to post about my most recent online shopping hauls, but I don't have time to take/upload/edit photos recently due to work (my schedule is now 4-6 days a week). So, I decided to post a couple of items I came across when doing some online shopping! Hey, it's still a post about fashion... thus I've fixed the "problem" mentioned in the previous post :P !

I really wanted these items when I was online shopping, but due to the items being out of stock or out of size (ahhah both abbreviate to OOS how convenient), I can't get them :( so I will just keep their photos as admiration / memory hahaha.

The items also turn out to be in black-and-white coincidentally, thus the stupid title of this post :X hehe.

This first one is a military style blazer which I ADORE! I'm so bummed that there's no more of these in stock but if I ever see them in stock anywhere I'll definitely get them *_*!

The next items are black-and-white "tuxedo" / "oxford" style flats!

Just look at them. How can you not like them! I prefer the pair to the left (white base) but the black based one isn't bad either. I think the straps add a hint of girly-ness to these flats (although flats are already girly stuff), but I can't bring myself to think that I'll ever wear flats with straps like that *_*... A bit too girly for me!

A couple more close up shots of the shoes.

I know the Chinese brand looks a bit sketchy... but I'm actually fine with brand-less or unknown-brand shoes and clothing items. Well, I was never a brand whore to begin with, and it's not like the items I bought are bad in quality (some are actually pretty good in quality although there are also a few really bad quality items here and there that I've received by ordering from wholesale websites as well that I ended up not even using).

I would love to eventually own a few branded items like bags, wallets, or shoes for quality, but I'd buy and wear any clothing or shoe or bag items that look nice to me and are affordable/cheap. That's why I love shopping in Asia! Like Bugis Street in Singapore (although I don't really know if they still sell cute yet cheap clothing since I haven't been back in more than 2 years ._.) and 旺角中心 in Hong Kong. Now that I'm back in Canada it's back to the online-shopping addiction again hahaha.

That said, I would like to know about your favourite shopping experiences and your views on branded and brand-less clothing. Do share in the comments!!

Okie that's all I'm gonna blog for today.
I actually have photos from previous restaurant visits although I feel that it's no point blogging about them anymore since they were from a while ago ._. but that's okay cause there will always be more to come!

Until then~

: )


  1. I'm such a brand whore and I'll usually save my money and just splurge on some brand name clothing and accessories. Even though its costs about 5 times the price, I'll usually prefer the brand names to the lesser brands since I love the way it looks on me and the quality of it. Nothing irks me more than having clothes and/or accessories that only last a season or two!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and my apologies for such a late reply! I had been hiatus due to school and work.

      You're right about the quality of branded items usually being better, but I had many times come across items that are similar in style to (with craftsmanship on par with) the brand names, at a fraction of the branded item's price. I think it's all about choosing your items carefully, and shopping smart ^^. I love shopping online for such "deals", but then there's also a problem with shopping online – you don't know if you're gonna get what you think you're gonna get... but I can go on for a long time about this topic.. :P

      I know what you're saying about clothes that last only a season/two... I've had that problem before, so now I know how to shop smarter, not just buying items on impulse but actually going on a real hunt! Maybe it's also because I'm a poor student and don't like over-spending on items ^^" heh.