Thursday, July 5, 2012

Afternoon Tea

Last Sunday, I went for my first afternoon tea ever with my boyfriend, little sis, and a good friend at Meloty in Richmond. This post will be a little photo-heavy!

Initially, Kevin wasn't supposed to come along but Cindy instead, as we had bought coupons for afternoon tea at the Fairmont Hotel (Vancouver Airport location). But due to some complications we had to switch locations and Cindy wasn't able to make it :T so I asked Kevin along since I didn't want him to go out and have lunch by himself.

Upon entering, I was a bit amazed at how big the place was, even though I've seen some photos online. The interior decor was nice (the washrooms were pretty amazing) and they sort of have 2 floors (upper floor was small, with only 4 tables). We were placed on the upper floor since the ground floor was full.

They have this big shelf of a collection of teacups right along a wall, and so many spotlights!! Phewy, was it warm while we were dining!

The waitresses spoke Mandarin (and I assume they speak Cantonese as well since they ARE in Richmond :P haha). They served us some pretty menus but I didn't get a chance to take photos of them cause they took the menus away so quickly T_T;

We selected the High Tea for Two at $32, which includes two beverages from the set menu list and ten pieces of hand-made pastries. It only made sense to order 2 sets for 4 people. :P

Our tea came pretty fast. Adding sugar (water) to the tea helped bring the fragrance in each tea out by a lot. Here's the list of tea we each ordered, in the order from my most to least favourite:

Jardin Bleu {Marissa} A fragrant flowery tea
Blood Orange {Sheena} Kinda fruity? Actually I don't really remember hahaha
Mango Decaf {Me} Smells like mango, tastes like regular tea?
Peach Green Tea {Kevin} Kinda "rusty", which is why it's my least favourite :\

Sheena and I accidentally left the tea down (in the water) for too long, so our tea were so deep in colour and tasted strong hahaha. (The waitresses also asked if we wanted refills whenever they saw that our pots were less than half filled, which was nice.)

Not long after our tea arrived, the first cake stand arrived. We decided that Marissa and Sheena should share one stand while Kevin and I share the other.

Each of our stand came with 2 sandwich-rolls, 2 stuffed mini croissants, and 6 desserts. We dug in almost immediately after taking a few photos cause we're all hungry and the food looked good. :P I think at one point I accidentally ate the orange cellophane wrapped around the end of the toothpick >< cause some fell off and I left them on the edge of my plate but then later, it was gone o_o" loll.

The first dessert we ate was I think the one with the gooseberry on top. It was a light spongey cake and the gooseberry wasn't really sour at all.

Then we ate the crème brûlée and this one... which I don't really know what it is xD but it was not bad either. Ours was strawberry flavoured, which was kind of like eating strawberry ice cream, while the girls' was apparently just cream / whipped-cream flavoured L0L.

3 desserts remaining! We were starting to get a little bit full. At first we weren't sure if the set was gonna be enough since Sheena and Marissa didn't eat at all before leaving the house. They decided to wait it out and order if only they were still not going to be full. Good call!

Our 4th dessert was this... tiramisu? The raspberry on mine/Kevin's was really hair L0L so we didn't eat it XD. Also we felt a little jipped on this one cause the bottom 1/4 of the "shot glass" was just air lol. But the chocolate was good!! I remember my parents used to buy them occasionally back in Singapore. I can still remember going to the fridge, taking one out from the box and eating it before I close the fridge door hahaha.

Then it was this green tea dessert, which I don't remember its name as well. Once again Kevin and I were a little jipped on this too, with comparison to what Sheena and Marissa were getting L0L. But anyway the green tea in this dessert was too strong, which made it very bitter. I only ate 2 tiny spoons of it and let Kevin have the rest. By the end of this one we were also pretty full from all the creaminess.

Our last desserts, which we had purposely saved till last because we couldn't bare to eat them, were these cute little panna cotta's (according to Sheena). Marissa and Sheena had the strawberry while Kevin and I had the blueberry. A tiny bit of force was needed in order to get the strawberry out :P while the blueberries made our mouths blue.

We also played around with the teapots and took pictures of our demented/deformed reflections XD which made us laugh so much. [Photo from my Instagram {chxryl}]

We also took picture(s) in the washroom with our phones :P which was so very Asian of us hahaha. Even the inside of each cubicle was nicely decorated. Felt pretty upper class!

Ahhah I don't know why my smile looks so weird here :S

Overall I'd say this was pretty good, at least for my first afternoon tea experience! $16 per person is in my opinion not bad for afternoon tea. Despite the warmth/heat in the restaurant (which could be because we were sitting on the upper floor with many spotlights around us), the ambience was nice in general.

I can't wait to go for our next afternoon tea experience at the Fairmont Hotel :) !

And it kinda sucks that I haven't been able to do a fashion / proper OOTD post. I haven't been able to get a full-length mirror and I'm almost always in a rush to go out everyday recently. I will see into this "problem" and find a "fix" soon, hopefully. Until then :P !

: )


  1. OMG, You actually made a long post about that day ! Haha, I am being the usual lazy me , going to skip it. :P Lucky that me and Sheena didn't make the extra sandwich order, otherwise it would be such a waste if we couldn't finish the food! It was a Fun day!<3

    1. L0l I know! Took me a while to edit every pic too (except the iPhone pics) since all the photos were so yelloowww.
      Yes it was fun <3 hopefully we'll get to do this together agaaiinn >< any plans on when to visit again yet? L0l.