Sunday, June 24, 2012

Work and Balloons

I thought I'd quickly update this before an upcoming afternoon tea post!

So I worked Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week. I get to blow up balloons at work ^^!

This was me on Thursday, second time ever blowing up helium balloons (first time being on Tuesday). Kevin just hung around for a bit so he watched/helped me with the balloons. He was almost yelling at me for making the balloons so big... hahaha. BUT I LIKE EM BIG!

And this was just today :) we made I think 14 bunches (of three). My fingers were getting tired from tying the knots on the balloons. But it was fun~

And yes I need a haircut badly :P

I don't get to do as much at the Vancouver and Surrey presentation centres as at the Richmond presentation centre, which was a pity! I liked talking to customers, showing customers around the show suites and explaining things (and sounding smart for most of the part hahaha). But whatever works! I'm lucky to be able to work here so I'm not complaining :) and everyone is nice, for most of the part...

Except for this one girl.
I know I might start sounding like a whiny little girl here (and oh gee first rant on the blog ><") but I had to share this!

[Begin Rant] ---Skip if you do not wish to read rant!---

So on Thursday, our company was hosting a private event so we had to work overtime (from 9am till 7:30pm). They needed 4 hostesses, which are practically receptionists / runners. So I worked with (for privacy reasons) S, J, and M. I've already worked with S and J before at the Richmond PC, and it was my first time working with M. At first she seemed like a nice person, even though I've heard "stuff" about her. She was friendly until J came at around 12:15pm. I could instantly tell, from the things she said and her attitude, that she had a gripe with J. For example, J and S decided to go out for lunch and were walking out while I called out to J and told her she had forgotten her sunglasses. She came back to grab it and said I was "so good". As soon as J turned around to leave, M said under her breath, "it's like you're a dog". I looked at her and was like "what?" (mainly because I couldn't hear her clearly the first time), so she repeated it again without looking at me.

Me: "....."
followed by awkward silence for a long long time.

We waited and waited for J and S to return from their lunch (I think they were over their lunch hour by like 10 or 15 minutes @_@), with a meal M and I decided to share. See the thing is, J and S asked me what I wanted for lunch, but they didn't ask M. And I, being too nice, asked if she wanted anything too. She didn't know what to get so I suggested splitting the Chicken Enchilada that I'm ordering, which consists of 3 wraps and some rice and bean paste on the side for $12. So I calculated how much we should each pay ($6 + tax so $6.72). She paid $6.75 while I gave $10.75 cause I didn't have enough change.

Anyway, I had to run an errand with one of our persons in-charge since S and J were still not back, and halfway walking back to the PC, J came out to meet us (which I then knew I could finally eat). When I got back to the PC, S gave me my change ($1+) and told me my lunch was in the back. I was puzzled as to how little change I'm getting back, but S wasn't really helpful at answering my question... and M didn't offer to pay me the difference she technically owes me. But that was fine since it's just like $2 ish... I guess.

So I went and looked around for my lunch, saw a plastic bag on the table and took a peek. It was a box that was all messy and dented so I thought it was someone else's unfinished lunch. I fully opened the box to find one wrap and almost-finished rice and bean paste. Okay... must be someone else's lunch?? After confirming with M, I found out that she had already ate (so fast... what the heck?), and that THAT messy and dented box was indeed my portion of the lunch. I thought I was supposed to have at least one and a half wraps? How could she just eat two of the wraps and almost all of the rice and bean paste without reflecting on how much we each had paid for the meal and said to split 50/50? Like, this is ridiculous ~_~. I lost my appetite as I was about to eat. I literally felt like a stray animal eating from some leftovers thrown into a garbage dump... but I knew I had to eat to last the day, so I dumped loads of sourcream on the wrap and quickly devoured it.

After that I just didn't feel like talking M anymore. Yet she still has the cheek to be "friendly" with me. Oh and she also told me she "kinda cut it (the wrap) in half" (with some hand motions). How funny is that? Where did that half go? Sometimes it really doesn't pay to be nice.

[/End Rant]

On something happier / funnier, yesterday Kevin and I went grocery shopping at Superstore. We usually walk the entire (Richmond) Superstore but this time we just quickly walked by everything unless we saw something really amusing.

Saw these stainless steel mugs and we decided to make funny faces at it.

I can't stop laughing/smiling when I see this pic hahaha. <3

Actually President's Choice makes some pretty cute / nice-looking kitchen ware... but I don't know how reliable/durable they'd be (especially the plastic ones... which is probably most of the stuff lol). I'd be interested in owning the recycled-material bowls/cups though! But they're a bit on the expensive side right now, or at least for me.

Alright this post has taken way longer than I had expected '~'
Until then!

*Abrupt ending*

//EDIT: I forgot to update about Me and Kevin's Guu Garden dinner : ( ... I guess I'll do that next time!

: )


  1. Wow... that M chick really needs to get slapped LOL. So will she be working with you again? Or was it just a one-time thing?

    1. I think that's the only time I had to work with her. Or at least I hope so!